5 Benefit of Listening Music During Pregnancy

Nowadays we often hear about the influence of music for the baby in the womb.  What are the benefits of music when pregnancy and what age the babies start listening to music? Music therapy for babies is an effort to improve physical or mental quality with sound stimulation consisting of melody, rhythm, harmony, and style organized in such a way to create music that is beneficial for physical and mental health.

Music therapy is very easily accepted by our auditory organs and then through the auditory nerve is transmitted to the part of the brain that processes emotion. The babies have 4 ability gross, motor, fine motor, language, and social. A developing baby if not given a stimulation can experiments delays in growth and development. Classical music specifically can activate parts of the brain related to spatial ability and this complementary activation can be linked to the performance model nerve. The best music can you given to the babies is the mother voice and Mozart type of classical music. Actually, not only Mozart's music can be used. All music rhythmic calm and gentle flowing gives a good effect on the fetus and baby. The baby brain is capable accept the music even with limited ability because of growth his brain isn't perfect. Music is stimulation to accelerate the baby's brain development.

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5 Benefit Listening Music During Pregnancy For Babies :
  • Parents can communicate and connect with children even before he was born
  • Music can stimulate brain growth while still in the womb and in early childhood
  • Provides a positive effect in terms of emotional perception and attitude since before birth
  • Improve motoric development
  • Helps children build self-confidence
5 Benefit Listening Music During Pregnancy For Mother :
  • Change the mindset of the mother by organizing her thoughts more positively
  • Make mom happy so that hormones are balanced
  • Optimizing fetal growth and development
  • Help mother calm down during childbirth
  • Through music, therapy can welcome the future of babies who are more brilliant because of facing the era of globalization. Individuals who have brain skills will be more valued more highly.
To get maximum results mothers should understand what to do in sufficient detail. For optimal results, music therapy for the fetus must be programmed or not carelessly. Music therapy is best to start at 18-20 weeks gestation because at this time the fetal hearing equipment is getting more perfect this aims to reduce stress levels during a period of nausea - vomiting. In music therapy we can determine for ourselves the right time for therapy, maybe morning, afternoon, evening, or night.

All the benefits mentioned above show that listening to music during pregnancy both mother and baby. At this last point listening to music make mom happy and babies can communicate and connect with parents before he was born. The important thing is when you have chosen the time then the mother must be consistent with that time.

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