5 Jogging Tips For Beginners

Exercise in daily life is very necessary to maintain body health and fitness. Exercise also function as a physical activity, recreation and education. Someone who does not have good physical fitness will not be able to work hard in relatively long time pressures compared to people who have excellent physical endurance or fitness. Jogging is one of the favorite sports for all ages. Jogging can be done in the morning or evening. Jogging is one form one of form exercise that is done by running which aims to improve  fitness. Jogging is included aerobic exercise. For beginners, jogging is done gradually in accordance with the ability that is owned and jogging does not require special skills.

5 Jogging Tips For Beginners :

  • Warming Up
Warming Up is very important when starting any type of exercisse. If You don't exercisse your muscle cramps and may not able to walk. When warming up the temperature of the muscle also rises making it easier to contract and relax more quickly after exercise. The effect reduce risk of muscle injury and increase speed.
  • Wear Running Shoes 
Quality of running shoes help you avoid inury and make the running experince safer and more enjoyable. Wearing sports bra can also protect you from back pain after jogging. The use of running shoes can prevent pain in the sole of foot and prevent injuries from sharp object. The use of running shoes can also make you run optimally and play a role in forming the sole of the foot. Another impact that you feel exercising barefoot is that the foot skin will be thicken or calluses. Calluses make you uncomfortable, even annoying when walking.
  • Don't Start Running To Fast
Running fast resulting injury in the muscle. You can walk slowly at certain distance to warming up muscle. Walk for 30 seconds and start jogging slowly
  • Take Care of Your Body
Muscle injury occurs because muscles contract long and strong, fatigue resulting from the inability of the process of contraction and metabolism of muscle fibers to continue to provide the same work. Muscle fatigue can also caused due to flow resistance blood that goes to the muscles that are contracting that carry food and oxygen to be used as fuel. After you finnish running it's time to cool down. Stretching after running is important like warming before jogging. Cooling down will help your mucle recover quickly and prevent form muscle injury.
  • Consistant
Do not immediately to start jogging with a long distance. After that increase your running distance every day. Its not good to force yourself to keep running even though your body is tired. Catch your breath and than try running again. Continue to motivate yourself if you start to feel bored, look for a different running route or invite a friend to jogging with you.

The Benefit of exercise. Exercise is a tool to stimulate physical, spiritual and social functional development. Exercise is a necessary of life that is continuos, meaning sports as a tool for maintaining and fostering health, that is can't be left out.

All the jogging tips to improve jogging quality for beginners warming up can prevent from mucle cramps, wear running shoes to protect your foot, don't start running to fast, take care of your body with cooling down after jogging and the most important is consistant to jogging to improve your health.

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