5 Steps To A Make Flat Stomach

Many adult men and women complain that they have a fat belly. The abdominal fat will look disturbing, insecure, and sick when you sitting. Someone who has a distended stomach has a greater risk factor for various diseases such as cholesterol, diabetes also heart disease for those of you who have distended stomach problems and need to reduce belly fat naturally.

It is good you know what are the causes of the distended stomach :

  1. Eating too much
  2. Consume excessing fatty food
  3. The Habit of snacking at night
  4. Lack of exercise 
  5. Consuming Alcohol
  6. Lack of Sleep

5 Steps To Make Flat Stomach :

  • Yoga
Yoga is one sport that is easily done anywhere. Yoga is a sport that focusses on strength, flexibility, and breathing. Yoga is now very popular as a sport that can reduce stress and anxiety that often afflicts modern society. Practicing yoga can make someone physically fit and avoid various diseases. Routine yoga can help make persons mental, social, emotional, and spiritual. The benefits of yoga can reduce joint pain, reduce lose weight, stomach slimmer, streamlining blood flow.
  • Eat Smaller Portion
If you usually eat three times a day try to slowly change these habits by eating small portions between 2-3 hours. The benefits are preventing the abdominal girth from getting wider and making the metabolic system burn more fat.
  • Weightlifting
The most popular weight training is to build arm muscles and give a macho impression to men. However, this exercise not only builds muscle but can also be useful for male and female health. The benefits weightlifting can reduce fat stomach, more confident, prevent osteoporosis, avoid diabetes, make a flat stomach.
  • Sit Up
Sit-ups are a sport that works to burn fat in the stomach. Sit up exercises can be done anywhere and anyone. Sit-ups can be done at least 10 times a day. Sit up can also reduce menstrual pain and reduce bloating. Start sit-ups by bending the knee 90 degrees. Place the hands near ears, behind the head or crossed over the chest. Do it according to capacity and stop for a moment so that the muscles do not seem forced.
  • Belly Dance
Sports are using dance as its basic movement comes from the middle east. By doing belly dance for one hour, you have burned 300 calories. Besides burning calories, belly dance also forms your stomach muscles through constant repetitive vibration and movements of the abdomen and hips. Another benefit of belly dance can strengthen the muscle of the uterus and vagina so that the birth process is smooth.

How to make a flat stomach with natural food :
  • Watermelon
The first food that you can consume to shrink a distended stomach is fruit watermelon. The content of fiber in watermelon is able to help detoxification process metabolic waste in our body.
  • Fish
Fish have a quality protein and omega-3 fats that can protect you from the disease. Some research evidence also shows that omega-3 fats can help reduce belly fat. So try to start eating fish like salmon, sardines, mackerel, and the other. Try to eat 2-3 per week.
  • Yogurt
Yogurt is low-fat food and also effective for cleaning the digestive tract. Making it easier for the rest of the disposal to come out and improve the intestinal work in the absorption of food that enters.
  • Lime and lemon
The combination of fruit from 2 types of oranges is very effective to shrink the distended stomach. Consumption in the morning to help our body detoxify toxins and fats.
  • Green Tea
Green tea has many benefits especially losing weight and eliminating belly fat. Green tea can be consumed before eating because green tea makes you full. Green tea can improve body metabolism including fat metabolism, so it will help eliminate fat in the body.

Well, that's 5 steps to a make flat stomach that you can try and practice every day. Basically, to shrink a distended flat stomach can be done in various kinds of ways like yoga, eat smaller portions, weightlifting, sit up, belly dance, and consuming healthy food. The most important thing about running is consistent.

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