Best Health Benefits of Eating Banana

The distinctive feature of the fruit with yellow skin is indeed no doubt its popularity in Indonesia.  Although included in the category of simple fruits that are easy to find, this fruit is well-liked.  In addition to its delicious and sweet taste, the nutritional content in it has a lot of useful properties that are beneficial to our health.

The benefits of a variety of bananas can be felt after consuming it regularly.  In particular, the main nutritional content it has is vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Fiber, Potassium, and magnesium.  With these nutrients, there are certainly many advantages that can be obtained for the body.  Some of them we will discuss in the following points.

1. Source of energy

Besides being delicious, bananas also have a soft taste that will be easily digested by the digestive tract.  The sugar contained in bananas themselves will be converted into a source of energy quickly and a very good effect on health.  For example, efficacious in the formation of the body, optimal muscle work, relieve fatigue and tired, and many more other benefits as a good source of energy.

2. Overcome anemia

Are you one of those who suffer from anemia?  This situation you can overcome with natural ingredients.  One of them is a banana.  This oval yellow fruit contains quite high Fe or iron.  So if you eat at least two bananas a day, anemic patients can be helped to prevent the condition from getting worse.  In other words, bananas are very good for people with anemia.

3. It's good eaten when pregnancy

Mothers who are pregnant require a lot of adequate nutrition. Banana is a fruit that is recommended for pregnant women to enjoy.  Given that there is folic acid in it which makes it easily absorbed by the uterus for the fetus in it.  However, make sure to consume them as needed, because the calories in bananas are high, ranging from 85 to 100 calories.

4. Overcome disease of bowel and stomach

Next are the benefits of bananas that are no less important, namely to overcome the presence of intestinal and stomach ailments.  Bananas can be mixed with liquid milk or put in a glass of liquid milk.  Furthermore, it can be served with drugs in cases of intestinal diseases.  Also, bananas can be for stomach ache patients because they can neutralize the level of stomach acidity.

This is the efficacy of bananas that you should consider to be included in your list of healthy fruits and daily supplements.  By consuming it regularly and coupled with a healthy lifestyle, you can get the benefits mentioned above at once.  Do not hesitate to make bananas as your mainstay for health.  It may be useful.

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