The 5 Benefits Of Fasting and Diet Programs When Ramadhan

Fasting is required for Muslims and other religions. In Muslims based on Al Quran Al-Baqarah 183 Allah says: "Who You Believed decide upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you may become righteous". Some ways to do a healthy diet such as reducing sugar intake and eating lots of fibrous and protein foods. When a fasting diet should not change, eating patterns must be adjusted to the needs of the body that do not exceed or decrease. Eating patterns 4 healthy and 5 perfectly fits the needs calories that each individual needs.

Many people used fasting to lose weight for example breaking the fasting only consuming fruits, Consuming fruit only is not enough because it won't meet the calories needs that you need every day. When we breaking the fast we should drink tea. Glucose absorbed by the body to used calories. The intestines take 5 minutes to absorb the water contain sugar. This can quickly strengthen a weak body. While foods that lack sugar such as fried foods noodles or rice will only be absorbed after 3-4 hours later. At least the body needs 5 minutes to be ready to work after a day's rest before being filled with heavy food like rice. Eating large amounts of food when breaking can damage the body organs and the body will shock.

The 5 Benefits of Fasting :

  • Clean Toxin in The Body
The body also needs detoxification to get rid of toxins in the body. The food consumes daily contains a variety of substances that can be toxic in the body. Some of these poisons are stored in the fat. At fasting, fat burning will be more than usual. This makes fasting cleanse toxins in the body
  • Rejuvenate Skin Cells
The benefits of fasting can also good for your beauty. Dead skin cells need to be replaced or called skin rejuvenation. You can do this with fasting because it related to metabolism in the body that stops when fasting. This makes cells in the body can work even more actively including skin cells. 
  • Resting The Digestive System
The next benefit of fasting is for digestion. Fasting will make the digestive organs do not work to heavy. When fasting the digestive tract will rest which usually works to digest food continuously.
  • Lose Weight
The Body First response to fasting is the breakdown of the stored glucose. If glucose, if used up the ketosis process, begins. In this process, the body breaks down the fats in the kidney and muscle to be used as an energy source. The amount of fat that is wasted then your weight will go down.
  • Removing Sin
Fasting is a passive act of someone to refrain from anything. Fasting is intended to purify oneself. Prophet Muhammad said "Whoever fasts in the month of Ramadhan by faith and expects merit of God the sins of his past will be forgiven.

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Diet Program When Ramadhan :

When we predawn meals we must consuming a good and healthy meal. A meal with a moderate portion and provide enough energy for hours. Suitable types of food is a food belonging to the complex carbohydrate group. Food will processed slowly and energy gained little by little. Thus we are not hungry quickly and energy is available in a long time and enough for full-day activities. Simple carbohydrates such as sugar water, syrup, snacks, and provide energy very fast so the body will get full quickly but will also get hungry and weak. Another important nutrient intake for fasting when Ramadhan is water, vitamins, and mineral. Consume enough water at least 8 glasses a day and consume vegetables and fruit every day is very helpful in maintaining a healthy body during fasting Ramadhan.

Sleep after eating will negatively impact on health in the form of obesity, increased stomach acid, taste burning in the area around the chest, and stroke. Sleeping after eating will result in accumulation of the fat in the body because the body does not have time to burn calories due to not activity while sleeping. If this habit continues for a long period of time then obesity or overweight will occur.

All the benefits mentioned above show that fasting is beneficial for the body with fasting we can rejuvenate skin cells, the clean toxins in the body, lose weight. Diet Program when Ramadhan we must consuming good and healthy meals provides enough energy for hours. Consume enough water and consume vegetables every day is very helpful in maintaining a healthy body during fasting Ramadhan.

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