5 Tips Stay Healthy During Holidays

Hello Loka People. Vacation is the best thing when we will get rid of boredom. A holiday can be done in summer or winter. A vacation can make you happy and help you through difficult times. Holidays can be done alone or with others. Here's how to stay healthy during the holidays.

5 Tips Stay Healthy During Holidays :

  • Don't Buy Food on The Street
We don't know about the cleanliness of food cooked sellers. The body will be vulnerable to disease. The body also gets food poisoning because of the use of unclean raw materials. Other adverse effects are diarrhea and carcinogenic due to hazardous chemicals. If poisoned immediately go to the doctor.
  • Use Sunblocks
Maintain healthy skin is often forgotten by travelers. UV radiation can cause cancer. Use sunblock to prevent sunburn on the skin resulting in unattractive skin. The bad effect of ultraviolet is that the skin looks older than you age. The danger of UV also results in reduced skin elasticity. With the use of sunblock, you can protect your skin from UV exposure.
  • Consumption a Lot of Drinking Water
When traveling and outside the room, the body will quickly become dehydrated. Dehydration causes damage to kidneys and muscle cramps. Fluid requirements are different for each individual depending on age, environment, and activity. To prevent dehydration from drinking a lot of water before and after activity.
  • Enough Rest
For the traveler to spend time in tourist sites until the night is the best choice because we can visit all tourist objects. Get enough rest for 8 hours every day must be done by travelers while on vacation. The bad effect of lack of rest is the body becomes easily sick and we easily sick and irritable.
  • Don't Carry Too Many Items
Carrying too many bags will stress you out and affect your health. Back and waist pain is the bad effect of carrying to much stuff. Just bring one bag so the burden is not too heavy. Another advantage of carrying fewer goods is the cost of aircraft cargo to be cheaper. In travel, provide 3 shirts and 3 clothes for sleeping. Arrange and fold clothes as neatly as possible so the clothes fit one suitcase.

Above is one way to stay healthy during the holidays. Don't buy food on the street can prevent poisoning. Use sunblock to maintain healthy skin. Consumption a lot of drinking water to prevent dehydration. Enough rest 8 hours every day and don't carry too many items to reduce stress and back and waist pain.

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